a quick blueprint display test

The previous post was written to visualize how c++ snippets would display in the blog for future posts. This one is to do the same thing, but for actual Blueprints.

For this post, I’ll use Blueprint that was recently used in an AR app that uses ARCore on an Android Tablet. The purpose of the app was to allow our client to scan images and display several of their products to potential customers in an engaging and interactive way. When that project is finished, I’ll speak more about what was done to get it all up and running.

Here is a snippet from a Pawn Blueprint that starts an ARCore Session at BeginPlay() and set a bool to true indicating that the pawn is ready.

To use this embed: Right-click to pan and scroll to zoom in and out. You can set it to full screen by pressing the button in the top left.

As detailed in the comments above, the purpose of this section is to activate both ARCore and indicate to other Blueprint calls that the pawn is indeed active.

This was a fun, quick project. Looking forward to breaking it down soon!

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